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Software Engineer/Teacher
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I have three resumes available on this site.

A brief portfolio of my web work is available at ThompsonSoft.com

I have been working with Macromedia Studio 8 for four years and I have finally had a chance to get some experience with Adobe CS4. In a pinch I use notepad, vi or whatever editor is handy.
My preferred browser is Google Chrome because it is small, fast and has good developer tools built in.

Other skills I have been working on is maintaining Joomla! CMS sites and Wordpress blogs. This includes xhtml, css and PHP/MySQLand Javascript work as well as maintaining the sites using the management backend interface. I am curently working for GetPlacedSEO, a search engine optimization company, as a web designer and programmer and have to constantly learn new techniques as new requirements come in. Having fun enjoying myself at work!

I am a professional member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). One advantage of ACM membership is the free subscriptions to Safari Books Online, Books24x7 and the 3200 online courses of Element K, not to mention the many ACM publications in the didgital library. Thes resources help me keep abreast of the newest technologies and methods.

Most of my career I have worked with Digital machines and operating systems. VAXes and OpenVMS DCL scripting have been my specialty. Even though I was mainly a FORTRAN developer for the last 12 years I always tried to keep my hand in at learning new technology by programming websites such as this one for myself and friends.

My best quality is my ability to take a task and run with it until it is right. If this means learning something new that others have trouble understanding, that is fine with me. I love to learn.


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